It would be nice if cook yourself!

Japanese food is not only very delicious, but also very healthy
If you feel like eatting Japanese food, is there a Japanese restaurant nearby, or is it too expensive if there is one?
To cook yourself, you may need expensive seasonings or the ingredients that may be hard to come by, right?
Even if you get the ingredients, the recipe is quite complicated and you may give up just by reading the recipe.
So I am here to solve such problems in one shot.
The Japanese dietary style, which is based on one soup and three vegetables (the basic setting of Japanese cuisine consisting of one type of soup and three side dishes), is said to have an ideal nutritional balance. In addition, by making good use of “umami”, we have realized a diet with less animal fats and oils, which is useful for the longevity of Japanese people and the prevention of obesity.

First, let’s make it from soaked spinach, one of the three types of vegetables, using the seasoning (dashi soy sauce) that is the source of Umami. There are many dashi soy sauces on the market, but I use “Kamada dashi soy sauce” which is easy to buy and relatively inexpensive. With this seasoning, you can easily cover the magnificent world of Japanese food.