chicken burdock rice

staple food

Is there a combination that makes you think that is an incredible combination? For example, grilled fish, grated daikon radish, tomato and basil, soba noodles with green onions.The combination of chicken with burdock is also very nice. I bought chicken and burdock rice balls to eat on the flight back home from Kyushu. They were really delicious. I regretted that I should have bought 10 more.

Fukuoka’s burdock tempura with udon is equally inexpensive, delicious and one of the unforgettable menus.

Chicken burdock rice
Ingredients  (for 3-4 people)
Breast if chicken (parent or breeder) is not available:250g
Burdock One
Sugar:1.5 tbsp
Kamada soy sauce : 50ml                                                            Garlic : 1 clove
Sake:1 tbsp
1.Heat the salad oil in a frying pan, stir-fry the chicken, and when the meat is cooked, add the burdock root and stir-fry.
2.When the burdock becomes translucent, add sugar, Kamada soy sauce, and sake and boil.
3.At this time, the point is to leave the juice, without skipping too much water.
4.When the rice is cooked, mix the ingredients evenly, put it back in the cooking pan and let it steam for about 10 minutes, and you’re done!
The leftover rice is made into rice balls and stored in the freezer. Perfect for when you’re just a little hungry.