Today ‘s Japanese home cooking (Daddy’ s Kitchen) made “rice cake ball ” all the family, making it happy.


Hello, this is a Hito. Today, I enjoy listening to Daddy’s Kitchen’s blog while listening to Blue’s “The gift”. I like Blue’s singing voice, harmony, and lyrics very much.


Today, before introducing the article of Shiratama dumpling, I will supplement Japan. Not all people apply, but at least people around me have been chased by work, many people who are not enjoying their time, family time, and life.
In Japan’s thirties and forties, salaried workers are really busy with work, many people work hard at the expense of their favorite music, their hobbies, important people, “work”.

I was the same. I got up while the family was still asleep at 6 am, eat bananas and cereal easily, eat at birth, go to work, eat lunch at 15 o’clock in 15 minutes, get on the last train at 11:50 and go home The next day has come, of course, all the family is sleeping. I live 5 days on that weekday, my wife is working on Saturday, so I will take care of myself by myself, and on Sunday all the family will leisure. And I can not do what I want to do (hobbies, study, ideas), We forget.

However, I changed my mind about short-term study abroad in the Philippines and the world expanded. Everyone singing, dancing, taking communication and enjoying life. I also want to increase more time with my family. Wake up, enjoy the conversation, praise, scold and encourage, not the sleeping family. Make cooking with your family, eat delicious. Thinking about such a thing now, I save time to work and spend time with my family.

I do not forget things I love. That is “Top-Beer-Blogs”

Let’s make rice cake ball(Shirayama dumpling)

Today I will introduce “rice cake ball” which eats well in Japan, making it with such thoughts as above.
In Japan, there is a snack time at 10 am and 3 pm. Today at our home, I made Shirayama dumplings at 3 pm snack time.





















最後までDaddy’s Kitchenの記事を読んでくれたあなたに感謝します。どうぞ、いつでも遊びに来てくださいね。そしてゆっくり日本の文かと家庭料理をご覧くださいね。

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